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FANnice specializes fanclub advertising ,belongs to WENICE.

It has been working fanclub advertisement and works outdoor advertisement from fanclub's communication with established trust and experience.

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FANnice specializing fanclub advertising


1. The cheapest ad's cost from direct transaction.

2. Share after taking high quality ad's picture and video.

3. Strict ad's manangement in making advertising.

4. Advertising company with maximum fanclub advertisement career.


6. Promote image after putting an advertisement from social media


FANnice Type of ad

Wrapping bus ad
Bus external ad
Subway widecolor
Subway screendoor
Subway digital poster
Subway poster
Subway ect ad
Theater screen ad
Building display ad
Cafe bell video ad
airport ad
newspaper ad


Advertising procedure 

1. Setting type of advertising 

- inform fanclub about the cost and type

2. Setting the day of advertising

- workable or not, and give you the plan indicated available spot. (can reserve ad before 1month)

3. Make ad contract and pay

- inform fanclub of making design after setting reservation in concrete

4. Making design before 7 days of starting advertisement

- print ad and order after deliberating ad.

5. Start ad

- ad management in making advertising after delivering the ad's picture.

-Top of these are business in FANnice.


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FANnice has about 22,000 people follows from twitter and communicates fanclub,

trys to listen them for effective advertising.



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